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Does the office have at least one wheelchair-accessible path from an entrance to an exam room?  

Examination tables and all equipment are accessible to people with disabilities?

If parking is provided, spaces are reserved for people with disabilities, pedestrian ramps at sidewalks, and drop-offs?  

If parking is provided, are there an adequate number of parking spaces provided (8 feet wide for a car and 5 foot

access aisle)? 

Total Parking Spaces:

Accessible Spaces:

For a provider with a disability-accessible parking space, is there a path of travel from the disability-accessible parking space to the facility entrance that does not require the use of stairs? 

Is the path of travel stable, firm, and slip resistant?

Except for curb cuts, is the path at least 36 inches wide?  

Is there a method for persons using wheelchairs or that require other mobility assistance to enter as freely as everyone


Is that route of travel safe and accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities?

32 Inches clear opening?

18 inches of clear wall space on the pull side of the door, next to the handle?

The threshold edge is no greater than ¼ inch high or if beveled, no greater than ¾ inches high?

The door handle is no higher than 48 inches high and can be operated with a closed fist?

Are there ramps to permit wheelchair access?  

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